How DIGINEG®FAS preserves evidential images

The DIGINEG® Forensic Archive Service has four steps.

  1. Transmit images. The law enforcement agency sends DIGINEG® their images via our secure, encrypted method.
  2. Transfer to film. DIGINEG® transfers digital images and information onto archival-grade 35-mm film, logging and tracking the images of client law enforcement agencies.
  3. Move to secure long-term storage. SWGIT guidelines state: “The use of a secondary offsite storage facility is encouraged to provide a backup to the primary archive facility.” With DIGINEG®FAS, your agency’s film-archived images are stored at Pro-Tek Media Preservation Studios in Burbank, California. A subsidiary of Kodak, this climate- and humidity-controlled vault has long been the trusted film repository for many Hollywood studios.
  4. Retrieve images. If your digital storage ever fails, we use the film version to make a new electronic file in the prevailing digital format of the day, and send it to you.