DIGINEG® is a milestone in digital image preservation. This unique service uses high-tech film recorders to transfer digitally acquired or digitally born still image or video material to archival-quality 35-mm film. While digital media can degrade in as little as a few years, DIGINEG® can safely preserve your images or data on film for hundreds of years. DIGINEG® was launched to the professional photographer, business and consumer markets in January 2008, after years of development, testing and refinement.


DIGINEG® corporate roots go back to 1999. That’s when acmeworks digital film inc. first began working with major Hollywood studios to preserve their digitally-based entertainment assets on motion picture film. Since then, acmeworks' studio clients have included Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation, Universal Cartoon Studio, Stretch Films, Curious Pictures, and Walt Disney TV Animation. With the creation of DIGINEG Ltd., image-preserving archival technology is available to professional photographers, businesses and consumers.


The people behind DIGINEG® have long been concerned that the digital world is making promises it simply can’t keep. We have assembled a team with the technical expertise and consumer understanding to take film-based archiving beyond the world of Hollywood and make it available to everyone. We’re also preserving our own family memories on film and believe that many people will want to do the same.